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                      Company News

                      Aisino Wins Sinopec Bid to Purchase POS Cash Registers for Easy Joy Convenience Stores

                        Recently, Aisino successfully won the Sinopec Group bid for the purchase of POS cash registers for Easy Joy convenience stores.

                        Sinopec Group is the largest supplier of petroleum products and petrochemicals in China. It ranks second in the 2019 Fortune Global 500. The purchase includes 30,000 points in the nation. For the project, Aisino will leverage its service advantages, provide standard POS machines, help stores create good sales atmospheres, and provide better customer experiences while improving the company image.

                        This is an important project for Aisino as it aids Sinopec with basic fundamental constructions, which lay a solid foundation for Aisino to develop new business with Sinopec in the future.

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