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                      Company News

                      Aisino Wins Top 100 China Solution Providers for 17th Consecutive Year

                        On July 31, 2019, the China Digital Ecosystem Conference sponsored by Business Partner was held in Beijing. The “Top 500 China Digital Ecosystems” list was released at this conference. By virtue of its popularity and strength, Aisino won a place in the “Top 100 China Solution Providers” list for the 17th consecutive year.


                        The Award

                        Aisino also earned spots in the “2019 Top 100 China Solution Provider Revenue”, “2019 Top 100 China Solution Provider Market Value”, and “2019 Top 10 Solution Providers of Government Affairs Industry” lists. The business scale of an enterprise was the major factor examined for evaluation. In addition, market position, innovation ability, and brand awareness were also key factors.

                        The “Top 500 China Digital Ecosystems” event was formerly known as the “VAR 500”, which has already been held several consecutive times. It has become an important event and brand in the field of Chinese IT ecosystem evaluations. Aisino has participated in the evaluation for 17 consecutive years and won several important prizes every time.

                        In the future, Aisino intends to continue its transformation and improvement, promote its high-quality development, continue to aid in the digital transformation of government enterprises, and contribute to the construction of a digital ecosystem that includes innovative industrial solutions and comprehensive IT services.

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