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                      Company News

                      Aisino Corporation Awarded AAA Credit Rating of Software Enterprise by China Software Industry Association for Nine Consecutive Years

                        On July 25, 2019, China Software Industry Association completed the credit rating of software enterprise and renewal of certificate for Aisino Corporation, marking the 9th consecutive year that Aisino Corporation has been awarded the AAA credit rating of software enterprise.

                        “Software enterprise credit rating” is a comprehensive evaluation of the ability and willingness of the evaluated enterprises to implement relevant national laws, regulations and policies and perform relevant contracts in the process of operation and management. This is mainly based on comprehensive quality, enterprise competitiveness, business status, management ability, financial status, industry characteristics, credit history, suppliers and customers. The AAA rating is the highest credit rating, representing the company's excellent credit status, strength, and high risk resistance.

                        According to the “China Software Integrity Demonstration Enterprise Brand Management Method”, a company that participates for three consecutive times (accumulated for nine years) in the software enterprise credit rating, carried out by the China Software Industry Association, and that obtains the AAA level can get the title and license of “China Software Integrity Demonstration Enterprise”. It can be used reasonably within the scope permitted by law to serve the promotion of the company's own brand image. Once Aisino Corporation wins the title of “China Software Integrity Demonstration Enterprise”, it will enhance its integrity management image in the minds of customers, the public and the government.

                        In the future, Aisino Corporation will continue to strengthen the construction of corporate credit system, actively declare the title and license of “China Software Integrity Demonstration Enterprise”, further consolidate its product quality, service quality and industry reputation, and strive to create a more competitive brand value.

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